Artificial Inteligence

AI Regulation and Policy

Artificial intelligence, and especially generative AI, is one of the most revolutionary technological developments of recent times with multiple applications in many industrial sectors, including in the media and entertainment industry. Whilst it certainly has a great potential and it can be made to enhance the work of performers, it also threatens to displace job opportunities if left to unravel in an unregulated environment. Generative AI is extensively trained on vast databases, scraping the internet for pre-existing content, including past performances but also the voice, image and likeness of performers, and can be mastered to deliver remarkably convincing replicas or synthetic renditions of the performers we represent. These artificial creations may become practical substitutes to engaging human performers and may also mislead end-users into believing that what there are watching, hearing or reading is authentic or, at least, an authorised derivative use of our members’ protected content or personal features. The potential reputational and economic damages are thus worryingly real in a globalised digital market.

FIA strongly advocates for an ethical development and deployment of AI, with a human-centric perspective prioritizing informed consent and seeking to augment human creativity rather than replace it. We contend that AI should adhere to the highest standards of transparency throughout its lifecycle, from conception to deployment. This commitment includes strict labelling obligations for content generated or modified using these technologies.

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