Recommendations from the IAEA regarding management of the Covid 19 crisis

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FIM, FIA and UNI MEI have again joined hands to issue a joint recommendation on measures to mitigate the impact of the current Covid 19 crisis on the Media Arts and Entertainment sector worldwide. As countries have scrambled to contain a pandemic expanding with exponential speed, initial emergency measures have aimed primarily at limiting large gatherings, including concerts, shows and other cultural events. In a second phase, countries have moved to close all venues receiving the general public. Inevitably, these necessary measures have caused an immediate collapse of income in the Arts and Entertainment sector. Thus, having been profoundly impacted from the outset of this historic crisis, the whole of the sector is now at a standstill. A considerable number of workers are without income and the survival of many companies is uncertain.

Meanwhile, the affiliates of the three federations are entirely focused on trying to help their members and the sector more generally to pull through this overwhelming crisis. As the FIA compilation page of measures taken to support the sector and its workers across the world clearly shows, affiliates have been mobilizing to call for emergency measures and support their implementation. FIA members have committed all available resources to assisting the performers they represent, many of whom are now without work and with upcoming engagements and prospects wiped out.

It is already clear that the damage to the arts and entertainment sector is sweeping and the recovery will be long. The International Arts and Entertainment Alliance (composed of FIA, FIM and UNI MEI) has issued a statement to make the case not only for emergency measures and financial relief to permit the sector and its workers to survive the immediate crisis, but also for sustained support that will allow it to rebuild, once cultural gatherings and production can begin again. The statement is intended to support the ongoing advocacy work of members at national level and as a message to policy makers at European and International level.

You can download the statement in English, French, Spanish and German.

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