Sign the petition to free Zakaria Zubeidi, co-founder of the Freedom Theatre in Jenin

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Zubeidi has been held since May 13 and has now been sentenced by the Palestinian Authority to another 19 days of prison. In reply to this new violation of his freedom and rights, Zubeidi has started a new hunger strike.

 Zubeidi has indeed been held for over five months by the Palestinian Authority, yet no charges or evidence of wrongdoing have been presented against him. As he is now entering a new food and fluid strike and appears to be on the fringe between life and death, FIA joins the Freedom Theatre and artists throughout the world in their call to sign a petition to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, demanding him to free Zubeidi.

 An important Palestinian figure of the cultural resistance through the arts alongside Juliano Mer-Khamis, Zubeidi co-founded the Freedom Theatre with him in the Jenin refugee camp. This cultural centre has now been active for six years and, despite the assassination of Mer-Khamis in 2011 and the recent imprisonment of Zubeidi, continues to educate young Palestinian audiences to the arts.

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