“The Lost Signal of Democracy” to be screened during next EuroFIA meeting in Athens: 6-7 June 2014

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Delegates from the European group of the International Federation of Actors (EuroFIA) will gather in Athens on June 6 and 7, 2014, to discuss and exchange on issues of common concern and recent developments at national and international level. On this occasion, a special session on the current situation of public service broadcasting and of the cultural sector more generally in Greece will be held on the first day of meeting. It will open with the screening of Greek documentary film “The Lost Signal of Democracy”, recalling the dramatic closing of ERT, in presence of its director: Yorgos Avgeropoulos.

The Lost Signal of Democracy” captures one of the most important and symbolic moments of the Greek economic crisis” says Avgeropoulos. The film features the people who played a decisive role in these dramatic events, both in Greece and the European Union, and analyses the reasons that led to the sudden death of Greece’s public broadcaster, opening the debate on the uncertain future of public service broadcasting.

Kindly hosted by the Hellenic Union of Actors, the EuroFIA meeting will further focus topics such as fair contracts,“new” forms of employment, recent EU developments, and the work of the European Social Dialogue Committees on Audiovisual and on Live Performance (including the Gender equality projects, Joint working on Double taxation etc).

Follow all conversations and updates related to this event on Twitter with the hash tag #EuroFIAathens2014.

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