Workshop Two on Collective Bargaining for Atypical Workers, 8 September 2015

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The second workshop of the “Reaching out to Atypical Workers” project is scheduled to take place in Dublin on September 8th 2015. There will be a morning session on the 9th of September for the trade union delegates, which will be a forum for exchange on practical strategies and ways forward. The focus is on freedom of association, collective representation and collective bargaining for atypical workers. It will seek to examine and better understand the practical and legal barriers in this area and how best to overcome them.

This workshop is organised by FIA, FIM, IFJ and UNI-MEI within the framework of their ongoing joint project, financially supported by the European Commission.

The workshop will take place in Jury’s Inn Custom House, Dublin. There will be a welcome reception on September 7th in the evening. This will take place in Jurys Inn, Custom House as of 7.30pm.

There will be a group dinner on the evening of September 8th. This will take place in the Restaurant Le Bon Crubeen (82 Talbot Street, Dublin) as of 7.30pm.

There are 3 pieces of documentation intended to guide and inform the discussions:

The Programe for the Workshop

A detailed discussion note taking in the full relevant legal framework and background

A summary of the discussion note, with a main focus on the issue of collective bargaining and competition rules

We look forward to welcoming delegations from FIM, FIA, UNI-MEI and EFJ to Dublin!

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