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The International Federation of Actors was deeply shocked and saddened to hear about the sudden passing of Eddie Cofie, President of the Ghana Actors’ Guild (GAG).

Eddie was a well-known and respected actor in his country and a strong-minded militant for the rights of all performers, whose professional and living conditions he was determined to improve. This conviction led him to accept the challenging task of taking over from his predecessor, Samuel Odoii-Mensah, lifting his guild to ever-higher ground, strengthening the solidarity among fellow actors whilst also reaching out to other FIA affiliates for advice and support.

Under his leadership, GAG continued to expand and mature, opening up more regional chapters, increasing its membership and embracing modern-day management policies.

As Samuel before him, Eddie was instrumental in bolstering the relationship with FIPAG, the Film Producers’ Association of Ghana, gaining approval of a Memorandum of Understanding to regulate the engagement of actors. He also was a great supporter of the need to advocate, as an industry, for a visionary cultural policy and public spending for the arts.

Always an optimist, Eddie would never miss a challenge. He would get things done and move on to the next task with eagerness and quiet determination. He was a dear friend and his premature departure will be sorely missed.

Our sorrow and compassion goes to his family and all our brothers and sisters at GAG, whom we pledge to continue to help accomplish Eddie’s dream.

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