FIA 21st Congress – 22-25 September, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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FIA 21st Congress will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From September 22nd to September 25th 2016, delegates coming from all around the world will gather to bring together the Federation’s most important political body. Hosted by SATED/SP, this congress will focus specifically on Diversity. The moto being “Acting for diversity”.

Several meetings of the regional and linguistic groups of the Federation will take place before the congress, starting on September 19th.

September 19th:

– German speaking group

– IP working group

– LGBT working group

September 20th:

– Nordic group


– Afro-FIA / French speaking group

– EuroFIA

– English speaking group

September 21st: 


– Afro-FIA

– FIA Executive Committee

September 22nd to 25th:

– FIA 21st Congress

A mini website entirely dedicated to Sao Paulo Congress is available here:

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