Closing of the FIA 21st Congress: Ferne Downey re-elected as FIA President

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SAO PAOLO, 25 September 2016: The International Federation of Actors (FIA) and its worldwide membership successfully conclude their 21st Congress, and elect their new governing bodies.

Today, Ferne Downey, Canadian actress and ACTRA President, was re-elected FIA president by the federation’s international delegates, gathered in Sao Paulo for the FIA 21st Congress.

Ferne Downey happily thanked delegates from FIA for their renewed trust and support and declared:

“We are beautifully positioned to act upon the plans and priorities we have made together at this 21st World Congress. We will act for diversity and work to advance the causes of non-discrimination, equal opportunity and diversity for members regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, or sexual orientation.  We will broaden and deepen our diversity efforts and make our FIA inspiration manifest in our strategic plan for the next four years. We are activists. Our joy is in translating these guiding motions into action we can take together. In taking the ideals and dreams we share at Congress, and transforming them – making our aspirations real.”

Downey also congratulated the newly elected Presidium members and Executive Committee members. Indeed, her election was followed by one for the six Vice-Presidents composing the Presidium with her. Those two were then followed by the completion of the new FIA Executive Committee, composed of the Presidium members’ countries and 8 other countries. The new composition of FIA Executive Committee is as follows:

Presidium Members:

President: Ferne Downey (ACTRA, Canada)

Vice-President: Denys Fouqueray (SFA, France)

Vice-President: Katja Holm (DSF, Denmark)

Vice-President: Christine Payne (Equity, UK)

Vice-President: Ligia De Paula Sousa (SATED/SP, Brazil)

Vice-President: David White (SAG-AFTRA, USA)

Vice-President: Vladimir Kamen (CCCWU, Russia)


Sweden, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Uruguay, Switzerland, Turkey, Croatia.

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