FIA unions around the world united with SAG-AFTRA members for fair videogame contract

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The International Federation of Actors firmly stands by SAG-AFTRA members in the US as they strike to earn very reasonable and overdue improvements to their terms and conditions in videogame productions. In little more than a decade, the videogame industry has grown exponentially, with front titles grossing billions of dollars in worldwide sales and franchises: real life gaming offer a full immersive experience, which largely relies on intensive voice-over, performance capture and stunt work that our members deliver very professionally. And yet, despite their phenomenal appeal to mass audiences worldwide, this industry refuses to acknowledge the fundamental contribution that performers bring to its success.

Performers have been seeking fair compensation for the use of their work, safer working conditions and plain role attribution practices since late 2014, when the SAG-AFTRA Interactive Media Agreement expired. Despite these very reasonable demands, however, videogame employers continue to refuse to engage in productive discussions.

At its 21st world Congress, on September 25 this year, the global FIA membership unanimously resolved to support performers in the US in their struggle to work in a safer environment and to be paid fairly. As the strike is now effective, in spite of all efforts undertaken by SAG-AFTRA to reach an amicable solution by Friday 21 October, FIA calls on all affiliated unions to do everything in their power to support this action, including by voicing solidarity on social media (including tweets on #performancematters) and instructing or advising their members no to accept any struck work from the videogame companies involved in these negotiations until further notice. For a full list of such companies, please click here.

As the global union federation representing performers we stand united and speak with one voice: there shall be no other place for videogame producers to turn and evade the legitimate claims of performers in the US. Our members make a fundamental contribution to the success of this industry and it is time for this to be fully acknowledged“, – says Ferne Downey, President of FIA.

For additional information about the strike, please click here.

To read the 21st FIA Congress motion supporting SAG-AFTRA’s efforts to renew the Interactive Media Agreement, click here.

The International Federation of Actors represents performers’ trade unions, guilds and professional associations in some 65 countries. In a connected world of content and entertainment, its stands for fair social, economic and moral rights for audiovisual performers working in all recorded media and live theatre.

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