Atypical Work Project Handbook: The Future of Work in the Media, Arts and Entertainment sector

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Throughout 2015 and 2016, FIA coordinated work on its European « Atypical Workers » project, in partnership with FIM, UNI-MEI and the EFJ. This project, funded by the European Commission, was intended to create a vital space for the project partners to engage with the challenges of atypical workers in our sector

Across the EU’s audiovisual and live performance sectors, “atypical workers” are an increasing reality. Production and project-based working, as well as the wide range and diversity of workers involved in a given project, mean that multiple, short-term contracts and a variety of employment statuses are a common aspect of working in the sector. The concept of “atypical workers” includes workers who are not hired in a conventional way with a labour law contract, but under civil or commercial law, as well as those working on short-term contracts, whether an employment or service-provision contract.

The many challenges this creates were discussed and reviewed with an exchange of good practice in the course of the four project workshops. The findings were gathered in a final publication: the project handbook “The Future of Work in the Media, Arst and Entertainment Sector: Meeting the Challenge of Atypical Working”. It was published at the end of the project to serve as a tool and point of reference in this area. It was launched at the final project conference on September 8th, 2016.

The key sections of the Handbook are as follows:

Key Conclusions and Recommendations

1.Taking Stock of the Shifting Work and Employment Landscape in the Live Performance and Audiovisual Sectors

2. The Challenge of Reimagining Services to Meet the Needs of Atypical Workers

3. The Challenge of Reimagining Services to Meet the Needs of Atypical Workers

4. Collective Bargaining and Atypical Workers

5. Tackling Dependent and Bogus Self-Employment: A Key Challenge in the Arts, Media and Entertainment Sectors

6. Building for the Future: Organising Atypical Workers in the Live Performance and Audiovisual Sectors

The Handbook is available for download in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish. A Hungarian version is coming soon!

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