EuroFIA Group: November 7-8 2018, Rotterdam – Documents and Details

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The next meeting of the EuroFIA group will take place in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, with the support of our Dutch affiliate Kunstenbond. The meeting will be held in the centrally located NH Atlanta Hotel, Rotterdam in the meeting room ‘Daktuin’ on the 7th Floor. The EuroFIA meeting will be on the 7th (full day) and 8th (half day) of November.

We have prepared an overview of the practical information for the meeting.

The meeting documents are visible and available to download for logged-in EuroFIA Members below.

Item 3 – Meeting Agenda

Item 4 – Minutes, Brussels Meeting

Item 5 – Netflix Article

Item 6 – Press Release – Transparency & Predictability

Item 6 – Draft Recommendation on Social Protection for Workers including Self-employed

Item 7 – KEA Mobility Study

Item 8b – Brexit Joint Declaration

Item 9 – Fair Practice Code

Item 17 – Global Framework Agreements

National reports

DSF, Denmark

Equity, UK

GDBA, Germany

Shaham, Israel

AUT, Turkey

FIL, Iceland

ZDUS, Slovenia

ZASP, Poland

ZZAP, Poland
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