Happy International Women’s Day 2020: A message from FIA President Ferne Downey

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Happy International Women’s Day 2020.

“50/50 in 2020” is a shared target many use to aim for representation – on screens, on boards, in government. The number itself holds promise of a certain symmetry in the fundamental fight for gender equality. A reflection of the world in which we live. It is possible to imagine 2020 will be the year we effectively change the narrative for combatting sexual harassment. Because the focused work to combat sexual harassment is being done. In every meeting. In every room. In the media. In court rooms. In our daily conversations. May 2020 be the year that the tide turns, and people realize change has come – it’s no longer waiting in the wings.

We have made significant advances in our fight for gender equality around the world. Through constant action. Through our clear and determined voices. We protest. We fight. We educate. We build alliances. We connect. The desire to change the narrative resonates deeply within the community of professional performers. We have embraced the global responsibility that comes with the stories we tell on our stages and screens. FIA is fiercely committed to advancing the work to build an industry based on diversity, inclusivity, representation and belonging.

Since the fall of 2017 when the entertainment world cracked open with #metoo revelations, FIA has made combatting sexual harassment our top priority. The work of the Global Diversity Working Group has been extraordinary. The communion of ideas, approaches, successes, failures were shared. We had huge participation at every meeting and the depth and articulation of the approaches country by country has been inspiring. We shook things up and kept our eye on the prize – a workplace free of sexual harassment.

We are proud to release our new manual, Combatting Sexual Harassment: Resources, Inspiration and Recommended Practices among Performer Unions. We learn from each other. Each one will teach one. Until we have changed the world.

In solidarity, Ferne Downey

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