COVID19 – Trade Union Reaction and Critical Commentary on the Measures proposed by Pearle*


 FIA, together with sister Federations FIM and UNI MEI, is communicating our serious concerns regarding the recently issued Pearle* statement entitled “The Live Performance sector calls on the EU and governments to provide targeted measures following the impact of Covid-19 on live events.” Pearle* is our employer counterpart in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Live Performance and represents the employers in the sector.

The European Arts and Entertainment Alliance (composed of FIA, FIM and UNI MEI and the workers’ representative in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Live Performance) does indeed firmly believe it is the time for the Live Performance sector to speak with a united voice and to call for strong public support in the face of an unprecedented crisis and existential threat to the sector, however, we were not consulted regarding the measures proposed by Pearle* and are unable to fully endorse them as they stand.

While Pearle’s statement contains some excellent proposals, it also proposes certain measures that we believe are to the direct detriment of the affiliates whom we represent. For this reason, as EAEA, we are clearly distancing ourselves from the statement. We have prepared a short critique of the problematic suggestions, namely regarding exemption of social security contribution payments by employers; a reference to possible labour deregulation; and a proposed reduction of IP payments for making available on line.  

You can download this detailed one-pager below and we would invite you to take note of the issues that it raises. It aims to detail our objections to the measures cited above, bringing them to the attention of our members and to policy makers at the European and national level.

EAEA Comments on Pearle Statement – 2020-03-30_EN

EAEA Comments on Pearle Statement – 2020-03-30_FR

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