Launch of the NEW Risk Assessment tool for Audiovisual Productions

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FIA is very happy to announce the launch and publication of the new European Online Interactive Risk Assessment Tool (OiRA) for audiovisual productions. It was officially launched on the 14thof April 2021 with an international online event that saw the participation of people from EU Member States and extra EU countries including Chile, Ivory Coast, Japan, Nigeria, Peru, Switzerland, Turkey, UK , Ukraine and United States. The virtual launch featured speakers from European institutions and partners of the project, namely FIA, as well as the European Audiovisual Production Association (CEPI), UNI Europa,  the International Federation of Film Producers(FIAPF), the International Federation of Musicians(FIM), with the support of the EU-OSHA and Europe Analytica.

The large audience participation at the event testifies the great interest from the audiovisual eco-system in regard to occupational health and safety proving that the creation of the tool responds to the real needs of small and medium-sized audiovisual companies. The tool is the result of a true collective work with the partner organisations involved representing most of the groups working on sets, including audiovisual producers and trade unions. The project partners and the Steering Committee were also supported by many external contributors with different backgrounds from audiovisual producers to occupational health and safety experts, legal consultants and with the constant support of the European Agency for Health and Safety at work. The result is a flexible tool designed to reflect the practical and multiple needs of the productions; it has been developed on the basis of European Directives and European best practices in the sector, but it might also serve as reference outside European borders. Moreover, considering the open-source nature of the tool, each EU/EEA Member States can develop its own national adaptation. The project partners want to express their commitment for a broad dissemination of the OiRA tool for the audiovisual sectors and invite their members to widely promote the tool adoption into the daily work practice of productions. The tool accessible at this link. The recordings of the launch event together with promotional materials and presentations can be found here.

This project has received funding from the European Union. Reference VS 2019/0012.

“Being designed by experts from our sector, this soft tool provides practical and dedicated support for producers in their efforts to develop and maintain high health and safety standards.”Mathilde Fiquet –CEPI Secretary General

“Trust and good cooperation between social partners have been key in this project.”William Maunier –President of UNI Europa –media, entertainment & arts

“The tool is a new and extra instrument to support the work of the producers and their team in assessing and in developing strategies to reduce health and safety related risks when shooting” Benoît Ginisty–Managing Director to FIAPF Headquarters

“Joint commitment and engagement by the social partners, as we have seen in the developmental process of the audiovisual OiRA tool, are the preconditions for an OiRA tool to be successful” Michaela Seifertand Julia Flintrop–Project Officers, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)

“This carefully-crafted tool makes expert guidance on risk assessment in the Audiovisual sector both readily accessible and applicable in practice.” Dearbhal Murphy –Deputy General Secretary of FIA

“This tool provides important sharing of accumulated experience from across all the different areas that make up the audiovisual sector, which is presented in a way to help those dealing with the practical health & safety challenges in the many varied workplaces. It is accessible to those, working before and behind sets and screens, who are unfamiliar with tackling health and safety problems but is equally helpful as a good refresher for experienced operators.” Thomas Dayan -Deputy General Secretary of FIM

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