Green and Sustainable Production in the European Audiovisual Sector – Upcoming Project Event and Planned Publication

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FIA, together trade union sister federation UNI MEI and employer counterparts CEPI and FIAPF, is currently engaged in a two year project to map good practice approaches to green and sustainable production in the European audiovisual sector and to widely share the findings through a series of capacity-building seminars. It is a European Social Dialogue project, funded by the European Commission and led by UNI MEI.

The work of gathering experience, good practice and the most established tools and approaches in this area has been carried out by a group of sectoral experts and we are grateful to Scen och Film for supporting us by delegating a Swedish expert to represent FIA in this group. This work has been expertly guided by the project coordinator representing CEPI, who will also have the task of bringing the findings together in an EU Booklet for Green Productions. This publication will offer an overview of the policy context, summarising the policy objectives of the European Green Deal and the European Audiovisual Industry Green Deal. There will be an important section dedicated to consolidated practices, which will set out the strategies that the industry already put in place to address environmental issues. Finally, it will include the identification and explanation of a various environmental management systems, examining how they work and respond to industry needs and goals in this area. This publication is already at an advanced stage and we expect to proceed to publication later this year.

In the meantime, the first of the capacity building seminars is rapidly approaching. It will take place on June 30th in Brussels, Belgium, in the context of the Brussels Film Festival. Some of the day will be focused on the institutional context, with presentations of the European Green deal, as well as recent findings from the European Audiovisual Observatory on the Environmental impact of the industry. The second part of the day will hone on the skills needs and emerging professions in this regard, including a focus on the role of Green Consultants, as well as the explorations of a number of case studies. FIA can offer a number of funded places to European affiliates (covering travel and accommodation expenses) should you wish to attend this meeting. If interested, please inform the secretariat and you can also register using this online form:

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