New Legal Blog: Future of Collective Bargaining and Atypical Work

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Have the new European Competition Law Guidelines on Collective Bargaining for self-employed piqued your interest? Would you enjoy some further reading about the legal intricacies surrounding the labour rights of self-employed workers in the Media, Arts and Entertainment sector and beyond? If so, you should pay a visit to the brand new blog:

This blog is an initiative of FIA, together with our sister trade union federations FIM, UNI MEI and EFJ in the Media, Arts and Entertainment sector, the European social partners representing workers in the sector across Europe and beyond. It is a sector where “atypical workers” are a significant part of the picture in the labour market. In recent years, we have developed an ongoing reflection in the framework of our joint project work on how trade unions may meaningfully represent this workforce and uphold their labour rights. Discussions with legal experts have touched upon themes like freedom of association for all workers, including atypical workers; the impact of competition law on collective bargaining on behalf of atypical workers; the potential role of competition law in addressing power imbalances in the sectoral labour market; an inclusive definition of worker to capture new forms of work, etc. This blog is intended to as a forum to capture reflections on these topics and bring together ideas and legal thinking relevant to the labour representation of the workers in our sector. 

This blog was made possible by the project funding of the European Commission. We are grateful to the top legal minds who have kindly contributed their thought-provoking blog entries. We also thank our illustrator Keefer for the hard work in bringing their ideas to life in his drawings. We will continue to tweet new blog entries as we add them. Please retweet to help the blog reach a wide audience!

Check it out!

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