FIA proudly supports American Actors’ Equity

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The International Federation of Actors and its affiliates around the world pledge solidarity and support to American Actors’ Equity, as it seeks to improve terms and conditions for actors and stage managers on touring shows in the US. Among their legitimate claims are wage increases and decent per diems for housing and food that are vital for these workers to continue to make ends meet in times of soaring inflation. Better coverage for swings and other artists engaged on those productions is also badly needed to enhance their safety on set.

Actors and stage managers are the backbone of countless touring shows that bring joy and entertainment to audiences across the United States, and their contributions should be valued and respected. FIA urges the Broadway League to engage in good-faith negotiations with American Actors’ Equity, with a view to reaching a satisfactory agreement benefiting these workers and treating them with the dignity they deserve.

You can show your support and join the campaign here: Unite the Road  · Actors’ Equity Association ( and read FIA’s letter of support here !

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