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Since April 26th 2022, FIA’s Canadian affiliate ACTRA has been engaged in a major labour dispute regarding its long-standing National Commercial Agreement (NCA). For more than 60 years the NCA in Canada has guaranteed fair working conditions, benefits, and competitive pay for on-and off-camera English-language performers in commercials.

ACTRA members can only work for agencies that adhere to the NCA terms and conditions, and non-adhering agencies will not be able to use ACTRA performers on inferior non-union terms and conditions. The Institute of Canadian Agencies (ICA) and its members are demanding concessions that would slash performer rates between 50 to 60%. You can find a detailed analysis of the offer made and the implications for performers on ACTRA’s website.

ACTRA has expanded its protest to a boycott of the union busting brands that continue to use the ICA and its members for their advertising, despite the lockout and its devastating impact on the lives of performers in Canada.

At the recent meeting of the FIA Executive Committee in Istanbul, Turkey, FIA’s Executive unanimously passed a motion of support to ACTRA’s 28,000 members and their boycott. To personally express your support, you can use the link below to sign up to ACTRA’s Boycott of Union-Busting Brands.

ACTRA’s Boycott of Union-Busting Brands

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