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The future of work in the arts and entertainment sector finally back on the ILO agenda

For many years, our sector has been neglected within the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and has not been able to benefit, despite repeated demands from the workers, from opportunities to confront employers and governments in order to promote decent work, in light of technological developments, the soaring precariousness of our work, the climate emergency and the economic crisis, exacerbated by an unprecedented pandemic. Now, at last, this is about to change: a new tripartite meeting will be held in Geneva from 13 to 17 February 2023 to discuss the future of work in the arts and entertainment sector.

This meeting is of major importance for performers and other workers in our sector, as it will address the challenges and problems they face, particularly due to the lack of a meaningful professional status in many countries and the multiple constraints to working as independent contractors, leaving them without adequate social protection and outside the protective framework of labour law.

This will be an opportunity for FIA, in close collaboration with FIM and UNI MEI, to advocate for economic growth firmly rooted in the employment relationship, all too often flouted in our sector, and in particular to call on governments to make sure that public funding is consistent with the promotion of inclusion and diversity, as well as social dialogue. The ILO meeting will aim to address these issues and develop policies promoting fair and decent work for the artists we represent. It will also address, among other things, the impact of technological developments on the arts and entertainment sector, measures to enhance health and safety on stage and film sets, and the fair reward of creators in the digital marketplace.

With an exceptional delegation, FIA and its two sister federations are more determined than ever to make the most of this meeting and to support the ILO's efforts to promote decent work in the world, and in our sector in particular.

Working documents are available hereunder for dowload in PDF format:

- Report for the Technical Meeting on the Future of Work in the Arts and Entertainment sector

- Rapport soumis en vue de la Réunion technique sur l’avenir du travail dans le secteur des arts et du divertissement

- Draft points for discussion

- Projet de points pour discussion