European Sectoral Social Dialogue - Audiovisual - Details


Joint Declaration by the EU Audiovisual sector Social Dialogue Committee

European social partners of the audiovisual sector signed a joint declaration as they gathered in Tallinn to conclude their latest capacity-building project. This conference served as a peak session on top of the five national workshops that had been organised From March to September 2012.

Social partners from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland – among which FIA affiliates HA, ENL, LKDAF and ZASP – also took advantage of the occasion to discuss the conclusions of the national sessions, tackling several topics such as the role and future of social dialogue during a time of economic crises, the structure and functioning of social partners, the challenges to build or maintain a social dialogue between those, as well as the main elements of a collective agreement and their implementation in practice.

In an effort to integrate the national specificities of the countries involved, this joint declaration, known as the “Tallinn Declaration”, aims to serve as a lobbying tool to further promote and develop the practice of social dialogue in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. It was signed by the employers' organisations ACT, AER, CEPI, EBU and FIAPF and by the trade unions' organisation FIA, FIM, IFJ and UNI-MEI. You can download it here below.

Tallinn Declaration