• Fair Internet for Performers 

    “European campaign for the fair treatment of performers in the digital age: calling on EU legislators to introduce a guarantee for an equitable remuneration under EU copyright reform" 

  • Capacity Building in Africa

     "FIA Twinning agreements are long-term bilateral partnerships promoting mentoring and guidance between performer unions from different parts of the world."

  • Joint project reaching out to Atypical Workers

    “Organising and representing workers with atypical contracts in the Live Performance and Audiovisual Sectors has become a necessity”

  • A word from Ferne Downey, FIA President

    "Global solidarity must be the bedrock upon which FIA continues to be built. We will campaign to secure the right to freedom of expression for all performers in all countries."

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The International Federation of Actors (FIA) is a global federation of performers’ trade unions, guilds and professional associations. Founded in 1952, it represents several hundreds of thousands of performers with some 90 member organisations in more than 60 countries around the world.

FIA’s main purpose is to voice the professional interests of actors (in film, television, radio, digital media, theatre and live performance), broadcast professionals, dancers, singers, variety and circus artists and others. 

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FIA 21st Congress, Sao Paulo  22-25 September 2016

Beijing Treaty Campaign: For strong IP rights worldwide!

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