New Developments in FIA’s Work on Global Diversity

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Diversity is a key part of what makes the audiovisual and live performance sectors so rich and creative. Ensuring equal access to the field and promoting diverse representation creates a sense of inclusion and allows all audiences to be inspired and entertained. Unfortunately, structural discrimination, stereotypes and lack of inclusion remain pervasive in the industry and prevent equal career opportunities, perpetuate stigma and deprive us of a multitude of talents and ideas

FIA is strongly committed to the promotion of diversity and inclusion in the live performance and audiovisual sectors. The 22nd FIA Congress consolidated this position by adopting a series of motions: On Cultural Diversity, On Advancing Access and Opportunities of Diverse Communities Globally, About Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion in the FIA Leadership and On Ethical Casting Practices. The Congress reaffirmed the importance of the work of FIA’s Global Diversity Group to follow up these resolutions.

The Global Diversity Group has evolved along with its participants and now consists of four working groups focusing on LGBTQI+, Racial Equality & Ethnic Diversity, Sexual Harassment and on Gender Equality & Representation. Following a recent call for members and renewal of participation, the working groups have found a new dynamic. In December 2021, there were meetings of both the LGBTQI+ and Racial Equality & Ethnic Diversity Working Groups. The working groups will continue to meet and share best practices and ideas regularly.

The second FIA Ethnic Diversity Webinar will take place on the 23rd of February 2022 at 5pm (Brussels time). This is the long-awaited follow-up to FIA’s first webinar on this topic which took place in October 2020 and which was received with a keen interest and a strong commitment to continuing the exchange.

Another important aspect of diversity that was addressed at the FIA Congress is inclusion of youth. This is a particularly crucial aspect for unions around the world that face the challenge of engaging young members to renew their structures for the future and stay abreast of the challenges facing young workers. FIA is currently seeking to establish a Global Working Group for young members. The aims of the group are: to give a voice to young professionals within the democratic processes of FIA; to encourage the representation and organisation of young workers at the national level; and to have the group advise the FIA Executive on issues facing young members in the sector. The setting up of the FIA Young Members’ Global Working Group is underway and we look forward to the new dimension that it will bring to FIA’s work on global diversity.

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