Online social meeting with FIA affiliates


It’s never too late to wish each other a happy new year! On February 7th , FIA colleagues and friends gathered on a virtual platform for a social event. It was an opportunity for FIA President Gabrielle Carteris to wish all affiliates a happy and fruitful 2022. She warmly praised the work that the FIA secretariat and all affiliates are doing around the world, despite the fact that they are still reeling from the pandemic.

"You are in a very important position as leaders for your members, you are also an inspiration to artists around the world because you remind them that they are not alone and that they deserve respect and dignity."

She also emphasized the importance of having such an opportunity to get together, reconnect and simply spend time together. The programme of the event included: a quiz for everyone to test their knowledge of FIA’s organisation and history; a room for everyone to share their best wishes for the year 2022 with all their colleagues; and of course a reception room for participants to catch-up with one another and spend some time together.

This virtual social event was a special opportunity to meet and mingle with FIA colleagues and friends while eagerly anticipating the next time we can meet in person. It was also a testament to the shared need to continue to collaborate, to support one another and to advance the work of FIA.

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