Joint FIA and UNI MEI Letter of solidarity and support to Cultural Workers Union of Ukraine


As the appalling aggression against Ukraine and its people rages, FIA and sister organisation UNI MEI wrote a letter of support to our common affiliate, the Cultural Workers Union of Ukraine. Many FIA member unions have followed and sent messages from around the world to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Brussels, February 24, 2022

Dear Lyudmyla, Dear colleagues and friends

On behalf of the International Federation of Actors (FIA) and UNI Media, Entertainment & Arts (UNI MEI), we are writing to express our solidarity and heartfelt sympathy with colleagues of the Cultural Workers Union of Ukraine in this time of suffering.

FIA and UNI MEI are deeply concerned about the dramatic developments of the last few days and the military escalation that has led to war and aggression against the Ukrainian people. We are shocked by the events and the military actions that are unfolding and deplore the many lives that have and will be lost.

The community of performers, technicians and other workers in the culture, arts and media sector that our federations represent strongly and unreservedly condemns this murderous madness.

Our heart goes out to all our colleagues, families and friends in Ukraine, who suddenly find themselves surrounded by violence and hatred, facing a more than uncertain future.

Many colleagues in the in the media and broadcasting sector are on duty operating in extreme danger and we hope they may stay safe.

FIA and UNI MEI stand ready to assist their brothers and sisters and contribute to bring forth to the best to their abilities, peace, stability and social justice. Our federations are ready to support your union’s efforts to aid members in need.

In solidarity,

Dominick Luquer General Secretary of FIA

Johannes Studinger Head of UNI MEI

Dowload the letter in PDF format here.

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