The International Federation of Actors (FIA) is a well-established and experienced trade union organisation.

Set up in 1952 by Equity in the United Kingdom and the Syndicat Français des Artistes-Inteprètes in France, it quickly established itself as a dependable labour voice for professional performers across national borders, despite a challenging post WWII recovery and the cold war that followed. The FIA founding fathers realised that professional issues affecting performers would often transcend national boarders, thus calling for international strategies, solidarity and cooperation. The struggle to promote decent terms and conditions, despite the fast pace of technological change and the many challenges posed by an increasingly globalised and mobile industry, was a natural bonding factor permeating the work of FIA right from the start.

After more than 60 years, and with a membership spread across all continents, FIA has become a truly global trade union federation.

This section of our website intends to highlight the most meaningful moments in the history of our federation, supported by relevant archive material wherever possible, and convey the strength and unity underpinning the work of our federation since the outset.