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National legislations and collective agreements for audiovisual workers in Latin America: a joint FIA and UNI-MEI study

The present study was commissioned and coordinated by FIA and UNI-MEI through their regional groups in Latin America, FIA-LA and Panartes, in the context of the joint projects financed by Union to Union they carry out in the region. Researched by independent expert José Alberto Robles, it aims at offering a clear view of the industry, of the current working conditions and of union situations in de audiovisual sector in Latin America (the research was carried out between May 2014 and June 2015) .

The research also includes an analysis of the challenges and best practices in the sector, as well as recommendations towards a collective action plan to improve the working conditions of audiovisual workers that will be discussed during the next FIA and UNI-MEI joint seminar in Iguassu, Argentina, to feed into their common regional strategy.

The 8 countries covered by the study are:

-        Argentina

-          Brazil

-          Chile

-          Mexico

-          Uruguay

-          Paraguay

-          Colombia

-          Peru

The study is only available in Spanish and Portuguese; you can download both versions here under:

Study_Audiovisual workers in Latin America_ES

Study_Audiovisual workers in Latin America_PT