Event Report: FIA-LA and PANARTES Joint Regional Seminar, Bogota, 1-2 December 2023

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The latin american members of FIA and UNI MEI gathered in Colombia for a 2 day joint capacity building seminar in December 2023, preceded by a 1 day workshop for Colombian affiliates. The event was organized as part on ongoing project, funded with the support of the Swedish union ScenOchFilm and Union to Union, aimed at increasing the capacity of union leaders in Latin America to make unions more powerful and sustainable. Over 50 participants delved into crucial topics concerning unionization and solidarity, prevention of violence and harassment in the audiovisual and entertainment industries, and decent work in streaming productions.

The sessions on unionization and solidarity encompassed discussions on Colombia’s ongoing labor reform and its potential impact on workers’ rights. Colombian unions Representatives from the young and dynamic performers’ union ACA took the floor along colleagues (from ACTV, ASCAD, CICA and CICA Cine) and shared insights into influencing reform processes and improving workers’ status and rights.

Conversely, discussions on organizing for union growth in the Americas featured experiences from Brazil, Mexico, and the United States (including a report about the recent strike movement and agreement reached by SAG-AFTRA).The focus was on fostering membership growth, enhancing member engagement, and translating efforts into effective union actions for future negotiations.

Regarding the prevention of violence and harassment, the presentation of the FIA-LA / PANARTES Charter highlighted collaborative efforts for a safe work environment across the Americas. Small group discussions revolved around concrete actions for implementing the Charter at national levels, including raising awareness, developing internal policies, and negotiating agreements with employers.

The sessions on decent work in streaming productions unveiled survey results on streamers’ impact in Latin America, prompting discussions on lessons learned and challenges faced by unions. Unions from Colombia, Chile, and Peru led conversations on understanding and addressing these impacts across the region. Lastly, discussions on organizing and collective bargaining saw unions from Argentina, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States sharing priorities, strategies, and experiences in navigating the evolving landscape shaped by streaming platforms. The workshop facilitated meaningful exchanges and strategic planning among unions, fostering solidarity and collaboration for a stronger future for workers in the audiovisual and entertainment industries.

A small delegation of British delegates from Equity UK, accompanied by the NGO Justice for Colombia attended the events as observers and contributed significantly by sharing good-practices and international support.

On the last day, FIA-LA delegates met separately to review specific topics of interests for performers’ union and share national reports. The group adopted several motions available for download hereunder.

Charter of Cooperation for a Safe Work Environment (English)

Charter of Cooperation for a Safe Work Environment (Spanish)

Charter of Cooperation for a Safe Work Environment (Portuguese)

Resolution FIA-LA for a sustainable futur_ES

Resolution FIA-LA for a sustainable futur_PT

Resolution of support for Brazil_ES

Resolution of support for Brazil_PT

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