Child performers

The media, arts and entertainment industry regularly casts children to perform in theatre, advertising and films. The ILO Minimum Age 1973 Convention recognises that children may – after consultation with the organisations of employers and workers concerned – be employed for the purposes of “participation in artistic performances”. Due to their young age, however, specific measures must be taken regarding working conditions, hours of work and health and safety with a view to protecting their physical, mental, social and educational wellbeing and development.

FIA has already worked on this issue in the past and was an essential contributor to the publication by the ILO of a working paper called “Child performers working in the entertainment industry around the world: an analysis of the problems faced”. The Federation is committed to providing updated overviews about existing regulations and industry standards, disseminating good practices and raising awareness about the special needs of these vulnerable performers. FIA also undertakes to include special considerations on child performers, where appropriate, in other policy areas of work.

  • 14.06.2016

    FIA Child Performer Toolkit

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