Governance and constitution

FIA is governed by its Congress, the Executive Committee and, for administrative and economic matters or urgent decisions in between meetings of the latter, by the Presidium – made of the FIA President and the six Vice-presidents. Their respective unions also sit in the Executive Committee, together with any other FIA affiliate within the same country.

The FIA Congress meets once every four years, the Executive Committee once a year and the Presidium whenever needed. The latter can be consulted any time by the Secretariat and does not necessarily need to meet physically, provided decisions can be taken at a distance. It must, however, report its decisions on urgent matters to the Executive Committee without undue delay. Any other decision taken by the Presidium must be brought to the attention of the next Executive Committee for approval. More information about the remit of each of those bodies within the Federation can be found in the FIA Constitution, available for download in English, French, Spanish and German on this page.

EN - FIA Constitution

FR - Statuts de la FIA
ES - Constitución de la FIA
DE - FIA Satzung