Beijing WIPO Audiovisual Treaty

The Beijing WIPO Treaty on the Protection of Audiovisual Performances

This treaty sets a landmark new global IP standard for audiovisual performances that were, until 2012, denied any meaningful protection at international level. As countries ratify or accede to this treaty, they commit to implementing its provisions in their national legal systems and also to providing national treatment to performances from other contracting parties under the terms of this convention.

WIPO is the UN agency for standardisation and cooperation in the field of intellectual property. The WIPO Beijing Treaty treaty is the result of more than 20 years of persistent advocacy work by FIA and other performer organisations. It provides minimum economic and moral IP rights to actors, dancers and other performers with respect to their audiovisual performances. Of course, any country bound to this international legal may decide to grant a more comprehensive protection then the agreed minimum in the Beijing Treaty, which may then be subject to national treatment only on a voluntary basis.

Performers around the world and their representative organisations are united in calling for the widest possible ratification, to help the Beijing Treaty become a truly universal norm.