Immediate Response and Relief Measures

FIA has created this specific page to share resources and information regarding repercussions of the COVID19 Crisis for performers. In order to help our global membership argue convincingly for ad hoc relief measures to help performers withstand this hardship, and in order to give everyone access to information about what’s being done elsewhere, we are seeking to collect data and invite you to send any useful information (e.g. statements, position papers, links, etc.) to dluquer(at)fia-actors.comdmurph(at)fia-actors.com and abussche(at)fia-actors.com

(For a broader and less specific collection of links, you can also consult On The Move's website: https://on-the-move.org/news/article/20675/corona-virus-resources-arts-culture-and-cultural/)

1. Statements by industry partners and FIA unions


Update: 5 May 2020 Joint Film/AV Sector COVID-19 Statement with 116 supporting organisations/companies

FIA and partners call for urgent measures in support of audiovisual content production and employment during, and post Covid 19:  https://fia-actors.com/no_cache/media/news/news-detail/article/call-for-urgent-measures-in-support-of-audiovisual-content-production-and-employment-during-and-post-covid19/ 

Update: 6 May - Europe’s cultural and creative sectors call for ambitious EU budgetary measures to get through the COVID-19 crisis (78 Signatories)

Open Letter to the EU Commission and the Member States, demanding support for the Cultural and Creative Sectors, particularly affected by the COVID-19 crisis: https://fia-actors.com/no_cache/media/news/news-detail/article/covid19-crisis-fia-supports-the-saveeuculture-campaign/

EAEA Trade Union Reaction and Critical Commentary on the Measures proposed by Pearle*: https://fia-actors.com/no_cache/media/news/news-detail/article/covid19-trade-union-reaction-and-critical-commentary-on-the-measures-proposed-by-pearle-live-performance-europe/

Culture Action Europe and European cultural networks about the Creative Europe programme (20 March 2020) : https://cultureactioneurope.org/news/effect-of-covid-19-on-creative-europe-and-the-european-ccs/?fbclid=IwAR2M8mkXdhB9nDwcTziWIGXab1HkkB1Ugt-0xBPzywrcsdwMmBIuqp4msSI

European Theatre Convention: https://www.europeantheatre.eu/news/press-release-coronavirus-pandemic?fbclid=IwAR1k2NofvZIQgJsPs6aKmuz38mhQJSq5AQVUyffewG9TgxGepiqJ

National Performance Network (USA), statement with resources: https://npnweb.org/covid-19-resources/


In Argentina, AAA has released a statement on March 16: https://actores.org.ar/gremiales/coronavirus-suspension-actividad-actoral

In Australia, MEAA has issued a declaration and is actively campaigning online: https://www.meaa.org/news/live-performance-and-entertainment-sector-needs-special-help-to-cope-with-coronavirus-impact/

In Austria, YOUNION has shared a complete summary and statement about the impact of the crisis at national level available in English here

For Canada, you can read ACTRA’s National President Message and further declarations: https://www.actra.ca/covid19/ and UDA's (Union des Artistes) President message here: https://uda.ca/salle-de-presse/covid-19-etat-des-lieux Canadian Equity’s national Council President’s message to actors in live performance is available at https://www.caea.com/Features/COVID-19

In Chile, SIDARTE has released a statement on March 19: http://www.sidarte.cl/web2/comunicado-sidarte-sobre-crisis-sanitaria-y-laboral/ and a reponse to the government on March 24: http://www.sidarte.cl/web2/carta-en-respuesta-al-gobierno-tras-las-medidas-tomadas-por-coronavirus-24-de-marzo-de-2020/

In Croatia, HDDU has released a statement on March 12 that led to specific measures for performers: http://www.hddu.hr/novosti/covid19-mjere-ministarstva-kulture-za-pomoc-kulturnom-sektoru-i-kreativnim-industrijama-s-naglaskom-na-samostalne-umjetnike-i-sve-kulturne-djelatnike-bez-stalnih-prihoda.aspx

In France, the SFA (Syndicat Français des Artistes-interprètes) has issued several statements and articles available here: https://sfa-cgt.fr/presse

In Germany, GDBA has issued a Press-release available here: https://www.buehnengenossenschaft.de/corona-geld-fuer-kulturschaffende-muss-fliessen-sofort

In Ireland, Irish Equity has been vocal along with SIPTU https://irishequity.ie/siptu-supports-new-wage-compensation-scheme-and-increase-in-covid-19-emergency-payment/

In Israel, you can access and read SHAHAM’s messages for performers here: https://www.shaham.org.il/

In Japan, JAU has released a statement on March 12: https://www.nippairen.com/jaunews/post-1981.html

In Portugal, CENA-STE has issued a statement available on their website: http://www.cena-ste.org/default.html 

In Slovenia, ZDUS / SADA has published a list of recommendations and partnered with other stakeholders to lobby the government to respond to the crisis. Information is available on their website https://zdus.si/ and a complete report in English is also available for FIA logged-in members here

In the UK, Equity has issued several declarations and online campaigns: https://www.equity.org.uk/news/

In the USA, you can read declarations and latest news on SAG-AFTRA dedicated page: https://www.sagaftra.org/news-events/news/covid-19

And declarations from American Actors Equity are available here: https://actorsequity.org/news/PR/

2. Union support and recommendations for performers


In France, the SFA has published a specific Q&A for Performers: https://mailchi.mp/sfa-cgt/covid19-faqadh?e=6c706d2d8c and several news articles with recommendations: https://sfa-cgt.fr/news

In Germany, GDBA publishes information & ressources for their members on a dedicated page: https://www.buehnengenossenschaft.de/informationen-zum-coronavirus-hinweise-der-gdba

In Ireland, Irish Equity is regularly posting recommendations and key information for performers: https://irishequity.ie/

In Portugal, CENA-STE has created a Q&A for performers and regularly posts information on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cenastesindicato

In Switzerland, the SSRS has created a dedicated website to help and inform all performers with crisis related issues: https://www.infoscenes.ch/

In the UK, Equity has gathered advice and special resources for performers available here: https://www.equity.org.uk/about/coronavirus-advice/


In Argentina, AAA has published a special contact page for members: https://actores.org.ar/asociacion/esquema-atencion-durante-el-aislamiento-social-obligatorio

In Brazil, SATED/MG is organizing a fundraiser to help alleviate artists of the Mina Gerais region

In Uruguay, SUA shares information and support for performers on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Emergencia-Solidaria-SUA-101109284870411/?modal=admin_todo_tour


In Canada, ACTRA has created a resource page on their website with information, contacts and recommendations for their members: https://www.actra.ca/covid19/ ; and UDA is publishing regular updates and recomendations on their website here: https://uda.ca/salle-de-presse/uda,.Canadian Equity has created an Advocacy and Resources webpage listing organizations, activities, and links aimed at assisting artsworkers in live performance along with a centralized archive of Equity's member advisories, available at https://www.caea.com/Features/COVID-19

In the USA, a wealth of information and special support for performers by SAG-AFTRA is available online: https://www.sagaftra.org/news-events/news/covid-19 - For artists from the Live performance sector, American Actors Equity has created a special page on the members portal of their website: https://actorsequity.org/news/PR/Coronavirus/


In Australia, MEAA has compiled legal information and special crisis information for members: https://www.meaa.org/coronavirus-survey/

In Japan, JAU has posted specific information and recommendation on their website: https://www.nippairen.com/jaunews

3. Initiatives (e.g. surveys) to assess the impact of this crisis among the performer community

At European level, the European Audiovisual Observatory is tracking and publishing all relief measures taken by governments and industry bodies for the AV sector: https://www.obs.coe.int/en/web/observatoire/covid-19-audiovisual-sector-measures

In Australia, MEAA is conducting a Survey accessible here: https://www.meaa.org/coronavirus-survey/

In Canada, Canadian Equity launched a Lost Work Opportunities Tracking questionnaire in late March, in order to track members’ lost income from terminated contracts. Topline results are available at https://www.caea.com/Features/COVID-19

In France, the SFA has started collecting data and testimonies since March 6: sfa-cgt.fr/news/1828

In Ireland, Irish Equity is collecting data in collaboration with NFCA: https://irishequity.ie/3345-2/

In the Netherlands, Kunstenbond is collecting testimonies and data here: https://kunstenbond.typeform.com/to/YdKUkm

In Portugal, CENA-STE is running an online survey available here:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfVI_m37CqXrTRMQ9xikUElGzoGkg-UKzGwk4CEEir_8BpEkg/viewform

In South-Africa, SAGA is collecting data on how the crisis is affecting performers: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScYUc3WIwdjUdSJGs8U3PKj_w-SVB0lU8TQ--XyBirKBNBu_Q/viewform

4. Governmental / Public bodies’ initiatives regarding new funding schemes, re-adjustments of existing schemes and special relief measures for the for the arts and entertainments sector and performers

In Argentina, negotiations are ongoing with the Ministry of Culture: https://actores.org.ar/cultura/asociacion-argentina-actores-planteo-al-ministerio-cultura-las-necesidades-del-sector-el-fin

In Austria, you can visit the OGB AK website and contact the dedicated Hotline for any enquiries about financial support: jobundcorona.at

In Canada, the Government of Finance has issued several communications and you can find a summary of COVID19 measures applying for performers on ACTRA’s website here: https://www.actra.ca/covid19/

In Croatia, specific measures have been taken by the Ministry of culture: Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske - Novosti  -  Obavijesti vezane uz utjecaj bolesti COVID-19 na kulturni sector and a report in English of latest measures taken since March 17 are available here on online: https://www.min-kulture.hr/default.aspx?id=24389

In France, Ministry of Culture has issued a press release on March 18 about exceptional measures for the sector: https://www.culture.gouv.fr/Presse/Communiques-de-presse/Mesures-exceptionnelles-de-soutien-aux-intermittents-et-salaries-du-secteur-culturel-dans-le-cadre-de-la-crise-sanitaire

For Germany, information about special relief measures for performers in available here: https://nachtkritik.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=17824:soforthilfen-fuer-freie-kultur&catid=126:meldungen-k&Itemid=100089

In Portugal, information about emergency measures are available here: www.culturacovid19.gov.pt

In Switzerland, special relief measures have been taken for the cultural sector: https://www.bak.admin.ch/bak/fr/home/themes/coronavirus.html

For New-Zealand, all information about the Emergency Response Package is available on the website of Creative New Zealand: https://www.creativenz.govt.nz/news/covid-19-cnz-response

Private initiatives:

In addition to public policy measures, it is also important to highlight initiatives from the private sector (e.g. digital corporations, financial intermediaries).

Netflix announced on 20 March the setting up of a USD 100 million fund to support the creative community active in film production, mostly towards the workers on Netflix’s own productions in addition to the two-week pay Netflix committed for the cast and crew of its productions. USD 15 million is expected to go to third parties and non-profits providing emergency relief to out-of-work crew and cast.

The BFI and The Film and TV Charity announce set up a new Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund with £1m donation from Netflix: https://filmtvcharity.org.uk/news-event/covid-19-emergency-relief-fund-announced/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=covid19-fund2020&utm_content=announcement

In France, the social protection organisation for artists AUDIENS is offering relief packages and special support for performers affected by the crisis: https://www.audiens.org/actu/crise-du-coronavirus-audiens-se-mobilise-pour-les-particuliers.html AUDIENS will also be administering a special fund, with a 1 million euro donation from Netflix, to provide emergency financial support for audiovisual workers: https://www.audiens.org/actu/fonds-netflix-audiens.html

GrandFilm on Demand – an independent film streaming service in Germany – is sharing their VoD revenues with the independent cinemas who regularly stream their movies and which are now closed because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

In Romania, the bank Groupe Société Générale Romania donated RON 300,000 (EUR 70,000) for the independent cultural sector. Moreover, Groupe Société Générale and Fundatia 9 launched a call to other private financial intermediaries and foundations to join them in creating a solidarity network for artists and cultural spaces in Romania to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the sector.